March 11, 2012

Toffee Bliss: Blended Vodka Recipe

My husband bought one of those single-serve beverage blender devices which has four ice cream sundae-sized cups which screw onto the blender unit so you can mix all the ingredients, blend, then swap the top to the drinking cup lid with a straw hole.  It's great for making smoothies and so much less clean up work!

But he had also brought home Pinnacle Cake Vodka a few weeks ago (yup still on this bottle from the last recipe I posted, it's wonderful, I just don't drink a lot).   I happened upon a Heath bar I had stowed away in the freezer which I was pleasantly surprised to re-discover.  I normally savor these as a side dish to a cup of delicious coffee, but I spied the Pinnacle in the fridge and began to feel mischievous.

The result of indecisive fridge shopping is one recipe for pure Toffee Bliss!

Make yours!

To a blender add:

Pinnacle Cake flavored vodka (amount to taste)
One Heath bar or some Heath crunch baking pieces
A handful of ice
A cup of vanilla almond milk

Blend and serve!  So easy and delicious!

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