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October 24, 2012

Dirty Art Show?

One of my fellow Etsy Team Columbus leaders is an organizer for an event at local art space Wild Goose Creative which will feature a screening of Dirt! an acclaimed indie documentary, followed by a discussion forum, a root-vegetable cook-off, and a themed art show.

Get a sneak peak at the dirty art by Etsy Team Columbus artists, including my own work, over at this post I wrote for the ETC blog.

Close-up of part of "Grounded" a soil-centered macro illustration in graphite, watercolor, colored pencils and ink.

October 10, 2012

Columbus: Past, Present, and Future Features Local Authors, Artists

Casey McCarty with Columbus: Past, Present, and Future.  This month this title has broken into the top 100 of both the anthology and short story categories at

It's 1898 and a patient at the Central Ohio Lunatic Asylum knows the truth about an infamous London crime.   Will a young psychiatrist and his journalist friend expose the plot or become another loose end secured by the Fixer, a mercenary who has kept the dirty secrets of corrupt politicians for a decade?

You can find out in the short story version of my richly-researched historical fiction tale in the new anthology Columbus: Past, Present & Future.  This version only showcases the central plot, however, and readers can expect the full-length novel next year!

A perfect toast to Columbus’ bicentennial, the anthology offers fiction set in or around Columbus from 200 years in our past to 200 years in our future.  Part of our proceeds support the Columbus Historical Society in preserving our rich local heritage.  For my piece I scoured the local history sections of our metro libraries to provide accurate settings, down to the local pub my main characters frequent.  I continue to be amazed at just how much local history I knew nothing about. 

The cemetery of the Central Ohio Lunatic Asylum, around which my story is set,  is open to the public today, as well as the nearby Training Institute of Central Ohio cemetery with its chilling “specimens” grave markers as well as hundreds simply engraved with patient numbers.  The Central Ohio Lunatic Asylum burned completely to the ground in its original incarnation, killing dozens.  Plagued with stories of primitive psychiatric treatments and deadly disease outbreaks, the rebuilt version was one of the largest in the region.  You don’t have to dig too deeply to find something interesting in our local history!

Columbus: Past, Present & Future  features 23 Ohio authors and original illustrative art and photography, with a forward written by Mayor Coleman.  It’s locally published and available at local boutiques, coffee shops, online, and as an eBook on Amazon.  This is a great way to support local writers and authors and celebrate in our bicentennial!

For more information about the publishing group, Columbus Creative Cooperative or to order, please visit HERE.