March 10, 2012

Spring Forward? Not without some java!

Daylight savings time draws to a end overnight (2am Sunday morning, to be precise) and I'm betting you aren't as happy to "spring forward" as you were to "fall back."  Me neither.  So while I'm hiking across town for a 10 a.m. art lesson that will feel like 9 a.m (for me and my student) I know I'll be swinging through a drive-thru (or two... yeah, my coffee addiction is that bad!) for some FakeAwake in a cup.

Good news:  Caribou is having another promo (I'm still in love with them for their buy-one-get-one Leap Day sale just a little while ago) so you can score your caffeine fix on the cheap.  Bad news: you've still gotta' get up an hour earlier if you have anything scheduled.

Print the pic or visit the link and you're good to go!


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