January 5, 2012

Get Organized (Part Two): Spiritual Planning

It may sound counterintuitive but spiritual planning may be a useful tool to purposefully plan time in one's hectic week for faithful considerations.  One of my goals this year is to develop my knowledge and understanding of the rich history and traditions within my faith, and even though I have a Reform Jewish affiliation which doesn't adhere to Orthodox rituals, I would like to be more aware of what other types of Jews do and believe.  I would also like to be able to read a little Hebrew by the end of the year--which includes learning a new alphabet that is not in English letters but symbols and learn to read right to left, among other challenges.

I've discovered a plethora of online sources to further Jewish learning, from live streaming services and classes via OneShul.org, a decentralized, non-specific Jewish affiliation, layperson led resource, to an immense quantity of audio lectures from Chabad.org, free Podcasts to help learn Hebrew on iTunes library and more.  Specifically writing down which resources I want to check out can help make the difference between just knowing they are there and hoping to "get around" to them and actually utilizing these resources.

I included a place for notes or reflections and a general statement of a monthly goal on my planning worksheet--not so I can tick off my "progress" as in seeing how many classes I can finish, etc., but so that I actually pause to think about what I want to learn and why, and reflect on how it may be incorporated (or not) into my life.  Over time I'll be able to view my previous notes and see how these have changed or recall something particular that stood out for me.

You can download the Word document template for free at the end of this post.  It can be altered to reflect your faith or denomination and its schedule.  Use it not as a "to do" list but as permission to schedule time for your spiritual growth this year.

Download Monthly Spiritual Planner.

See Get Organized (Part One): Business Planning for more free worksheets you can use to organize your small business or professional goals this year.

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