January 22, 2012

Coffee Cake Bliss

My husband brought me home a bottle of Pinnacle vodka in "cake" flavor.  He apparently got the tip that this stuff was worth trying from a friend at work, stopped at Giant Eagle and became enamored with their pretty bottles (we're planning on doing something cool with empty wine bottles...someday...we don't drink enough to amass them very quickly) and the fact that there's a ridiculous number of different flavors.

The "Cake" flavor has a vanilla-like warm overtone to this otherwise potent French vodka.  I can imagine it's a good general mixer, because of its neutrality.  You can find recipes for it at Pinnacle's site, along with cocktail, mixer, and shooter recipes for all of their other flavors.

I don't personally imbue that much at home (and I'm at home a LOT with two kids now), but I do like a little vodka and juice on the occasion (or when temper tantrums flare aplenty) so I don't have much in the house to shake up a mixer.  But one thing I DO drink lots of...is coffee.  Coffee is always in the house.  I love my teas, but those are meant to be enjoyed nicely, as a means of relaxation, proper with a saucer and a spoon, and a book and a blanket.

But coffee I tend to mindlessly gulp down as a means of survival.  I wasn't quite sure how coffee and vodka would mix (Chad claimed you can add vodka to "pretty much anything" last night) so I tried a fresh cup of coffee with a splash of cream (I just used plain heavy whipping cream, leftover from making the gravy for Chad's excellent spicy roast with noodles).  Ahh... warm cakey vodka coffee.  It's dually warming--from the temperature of the coffee and the warmth of the vodka going down.  I wonder, do the effects of coffee and vodka negate each other?  It's a nice wintery treat..and helps the tantrums go down better too!

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