November 18, 2011

A Mom's Kitchen Spellbook: $5 e-booklet with recipes & resources for creating homemade alternatives to commercial kits arts & crafts basics

We're proud to release our first e-book!  

Magically transform common pantry staples into children's arts & crafts basics with this e-booklet filled with ten different recipes for homemade alternatives for commercial products. Appealing to the DIY enthusiast, the frugal mom, and those who are earth-conscious and concerned about the quantity of commercial chemicals our children come in contact with on a daily basis--these homemade alternatives are a breath of fresh air. 

Time-tested recipes have been complied, tested, and tweaked to form the best recipe, with suggestions for alterations and substitutions. You will also find great ideas for reducing craft waste by reusing common household goods, create a recycle-craft friendly environment, how to turn making homemade craft supplies into an educational & enriching experience, and kid-friendly project ideas for what to do with the finished products. 

At a fraction of the cost of commercial, chemical-laiden products, you too can whip up some homemade alternatives with pantry staples with this informative instructional guide. Plus, at only $5, this resource is just as frugal as the recipes it offers, and saves you valuable time trying to research, adapt, and tweak all these recipes yourself! Find recipes such as watercolors, finger paints, craft clays, scented play dough, colored salt "sand", face paint, "flubber" and more.

Delivered via PDF attachment sent through email as soon as payment is received through PayPal. Check out ETSY listing for additional details. 
View this item at our studio HERE-- great ideas for a homemade holiday (whip up batches of chemical-free arts & craft goodness for a child in your life) or for a gift for a teacher or childcare provider!


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