November 30, 2011

Let the Holiday Shopping Season Begin!

One good thing about our new baby deciding to arrive a few weeks earlier than her December 20th expected due date, is sleep interruptions or not, I already have WAY more energy than I did in the extra-pregnant state I was previously!  In fact, today I've been in super mommy mode: laundry and dishes washed and put away, baby fed (and fed again, and fed again, etc.), apartment straightened up, business orders taken care of and ready to ship! They're ready to ship as soon as my hubby gets out of bed--he decided to use his night off to "catch up" on several hours worth of Skyrim--the latest video game must-have, and went to bed at 7am.

In any case, I was trying to find a lovely packaging system for my holiday season orders.  I hate to gift wrap things in such a way that the buyer can't double check them before giving them as a gift--so the "wrapping" has to be both pretty, but easy to remove and replace without messing up the packaging.  So to keep it simple yet lovely, I looked around the stuff I had on hand, and decided to use these simple boxes, with a hemp wrap and bow.  But that was looking just a little lacking.  After sniffing around my collection of miscellaneous stuff I keep on hand for exactly this reason, I spied a branch of evergreen the landscapers had dropped off their carts, literally right in front of my apartment window.  Yay!  I snipped a twig of pine-needly-goodness and slid it into the hemp wrap.

The result, a simple, lovely, natural gift wrap!

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