February 6, 2012

Guilt-Free Jewish Snacking... Rosemary Sea Salt Latke "Pizzelles" with Snap Peas.

I just stumbled upon the most delicious quick, light snack, any Jewish mom would be proud of:

Rosemary Sea Salt Latke "Pizzelles" with Snap Peas

I must admit the latkes are from a package, , the kind that get reconstituted in water.  To the mix I added organic rosemary, pinch of sea salt and fresh cracked pepper to taste.  Then I fired up the sandwich press, and just for fun, I swapped out the press plates for the Pizzelle plates.  Pizzelles are round, flat, pressed cookie-like wafers that require a special decorative press.  You'll know it if you have that option on your maker.

I rolled a ball of about a tablespoon of latke mixture, sprayed both top and bottom of the pizzelle press, placed the ball in the center and closed the lid, squishing the balls into a thin flat pancake, thinner than your regular latke.

You'll want to keep an eye on the latke-pizzelles to achieve a light golden brown color, but they will easily over-cook and become stiff.  You want them to be pliable, like a potato soft taco shell.  When they're done, gently lift them off, and stuff them with some cold, clean, raw sugar snap peas.

According to the nutrition label, three one-Tbsp latkes are 90 calories and a cup of snap peas is 40 calories.  So THREE of these yummy, crunchy, warm and satisfying latke wraps is about 100 calories total.  And three is all you need when you stuff them with veggies (I would have added grated carrot and red cabbage if I had it on hand).  You can add a little salad dressing if you need, but that will add calories & fat.

I think these would make excellent side dishes or hors d'oeuvres, or, most importantly, an easy, quick, lightweight snack!

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